Measure and Manage with real-time data analytics.

Your current OR scheduling system likely has reports that show you some view of block utilization, but it is typically limited and historical. We dramatically increase the coverage and flexibility of reports, providing you with real-time data analytics to make decisions that will improve utilization immediately.

Enhanced Historical Reports

Go beyond basic block utilization

The Measure and Manage module allows for in-depth historical reporting in both downloadable formats as well as visual views that would normally take you precious hours to create for your next review meeting. Both individual and service line blocks are supported.

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In addition to historical reports, the Measure and Manage module allows you to see real-time views of individual block holder utilization against both your utilization targets as well as each other. Want to see "what if" scenarios to help you decide on different targets? Simply change the configuration and re-run the reports and you'll be able to see exactly the effects without waiting.

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We give your block committee clarity into who needs time and who has more than they need. We let you know which block holders are working with your facility and which are not. Are your block holders responding to requests to release time? Are they reporting vacation on time? Are they meeting their targets? The block committee needs this data quickly and in an easily digestible format.

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