Filling Unused Block Time in your ORs

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The Copient Health Solution

The Copient Health solution uses predictive analytics to nudge providers with data, encouraging them to temporarily release portions of blocks likely to go unfilled. In parallel, it notifies providers about the newly released OR slots if the slots match with the providers' preferences. The coordination is handled by a frictionless request system that works with your existing OR scheduling solution. It eliminates the phone tag and sticky notes currently used to release, request and confirm time for surgical cases.

More Cases

Copient Health addesses both the supply and demand sides of OR utilization. Nudging providers to release time earlier increases timeslot supply. Matching available timeslot inventory to appropriate providers increases your ability to meet demand. The result is more cases and higher utilization.

Data Driven

Providers respond to data. Whether it's getting a provider to release OR time, or reshuffling blocks, it's always easier with data. Copient Health's solution is underpinned by machine learning algorithms and gives you and your providers the data you need to make the right decisions.

Simple Integration

Copient Health's solution works in conjunction with your existing OR scheduling and block management systems, minimizing impact to your IT. Security concerns are reduced as no PHI is required for the system to deliver results.

About Us

The company was founded by a pair of serial entrepreneurs in healthcare information technology. Prior to founding Copient Health, the pair founded, grew and later successfully sold technology companies in the risk management and patient access segments. The team's advisors and investors include clinicians, administrators and senior executives from noted companies in the space. For more information about the team, please contact us.