Filling Unused Block Time in your ORs

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The Copient Health Solution

Copient Health finds and collects slices of block time likely to go unused, then gets it into the hands of providers who can use it. This time can come from unreported vacation time, from automating your mandatory release process, or from block time that our machine-learning algorithm flags as likely to go unfilled - which is then "nudged" free from block holders.

Connecting Open Time with Providers

Providers and schedulers interact with Copient health through email or text messages. No need to learn a new software program. When a block is likely to go unfilled, the provider or scheduler receives an email or text from us with a link to follow. When time becomes available that matches their preferences, they get an email or text with a link to request that time.

Data Driven

Providers respond to data. Whether it's getting a provider to release OR time, or reshuffling blocks, it's always easier with data. Copient Health's solution is underpinned by machine learning algorithms and gives you and your providers the data you need to make the right decisions.

Getting Started is Easy

We work in conjunction with your existing OR scheduling and block management systems - with no PHI required. Copient Health de-risks adoption with simple data requirements, a month-to-month subscription with no upfront fees or long-term commitment required, and a guaranteed ROI.

Return on Investment

If you'd like to learn about return on investment, just fill out this form and we'll send ROI information directly to your work email. For the form field "value of one additional hour of OR time", you may want to use average hourly OR revenue, or you can use your cost per hour of OR time if you prefer to look at simply covering costs. Here's some data that might help:

This JAMA cross-sectional analysis pegs the cost of inpatient operating room time at $2247 per hour ($37.45 per minute) and outpatient operating room time at $2168 per hour ($36.14 per minute).

About Us

The company was founded by serial entrepreneurs in healthcare information technology. Prior to founding Copient Health, the team founded, grew and later successfully sold technology companies in the risk management and patient access segments. The team's advisors and investors include clinicians, administrators and senior executives from noted companies in the space. For more information about the team, please contact us.