Connecting OR Time To Those Who Need It

Identify time likely to go unused. Nudge providers and schedulers to release the time. Get it into the hands of those who can use it. Measure your progress.

  • 123% Increase in Blocks Released
  • 92% Increase in Released Time Refilled
  • 9.1% Increase in OR utilization
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Reclaim Operating Room time likely to go unused

Reclaim lost block time.

The "Reclaim" module uses machine learning to identify future block time likely to go unused, improves the collection of vacation time, and adds flexibility to your already existing mandatory release policies.

distribute reclaimed operating time to providers who can use it

Distribute collected time slots.

The "Distribute" module allows all physicians (even community physicians with no access to your hospital's IT systems) to see open time in your OR schedule and easily request time slots without disrupting your existing scheduling systems and workflows.

Measure and manage block utilization performance
Measure and Manage

Measure and manage your key metrics.

The "Measure and Manage" module gives you real-time and historical data analytics that your OR scheduling system doesn't provide, all without having to manually massage the data to create the actionable data you need.