Machine learning to predict OR Surgical Block time likely to go unused


Capture slots of block time likely to go unfilled

three sources of lost OR surgical Block Time

Three Sources of Lost Block Time

The Reclaim module of the Copient Health platform allows you to reclaim unused block time three ways. Predictive analytics allows you to identify future block time likely to go unused. Centralized vacation management allows improved collection of vacation time. Finally, the Reclaim module enhances your OR scheduling tools' mandatory release capabilities to make better use of time released.

machine learning for block utilization predictions

Predicting Unused Block Time

Using machine learning, past booking patterns are used to predict block utilization for future dates. When block time is projected to go unused, the system "nudges" block holders and/or their designees via email or SMS text to release time early. The module makes sure that all parties including your facility scheduling team are then made aware of the release, ensuring accurate records and communication.

Block release for vacation

Improving Out-of-Office/Vacation Management

The Reclaim module's vacation management system reminds block holders and/or their designees monthly to record upcoming out-of-office time for all blocks throughout your system. Facilities typically maintain this through an extremely manual spreadsheet-based process. The Reclaim module automates this process and ensures that block time is never again lost because a block holder forgot to alert the facility of an upcoming vacation.

Block management and mandatory release

Managing Mandatory Release Mechanics

Your OR scheduling system likely has mandatory/automatic release capabilities that allow block time to be released at a specified number of days prior to the procedure date. The Reclaim module extends this capability by allowing site-specific logic to be automatically applied to this release process (more lenient rules for ASCs, for example), allowing different rules to be applied for high utilizers or emergency-related procedure releases. Furthermore, all communication related to mandatory releases is automated and formalized.

Separately Installable Component

The Reclaim module can be implemented separately, decreasing the amount of block time your system loses each month or it can be combined with either or both of the other modules of the Copient Health platform. When combined with the Distribute module, this newly identified/collected time can be automatically distributed to surgeons looking for open OR time. When combined with the Measure and Manage module, you will be able to measure and monitor block utilization in real-time and historically, including the released time. Learn more about the Copient Health platform.