Free Block Utilization Analysis

Analyzing block utilization using the tools/reports provided by your EHR or OR scheduling tool may leave a lot to be desired. That's why we built our Measure and Manage module of the Copient Health platform.

We offer a free historical analysis of the last 15 months of your block utilization using our Measure and Manage module. Using your PHI-free, surgeon-anonymized historical block and surgical case data, we'll provide extensive reporting and analysis.

Here's a sample of some of the reports/charts we'll provide:

  • Per Quarter Block Utilization for Last 5 Quarters
  • Day of Week Utilization for All Blocks
  • Block vs non-block surgical time for block holder scheduling
  • Monthly utilization by block (for all blocks)
  • Morning vs Afternoon Comparison
  • Block Allocation vs Demand

We will also provide you with some recommendations for where early release of unused block time and improved request management may help you, and how to implement it.

Complete this form and we'll respond ASAP with data requirements: