share OR block time


Connect providers who need OR time to open slots that match their needs

distribute recaptured surgical block time

Distribute "Found" Time

The Distribute module allows you to share a real-time, read-only view of open time in your OR to ALL credentialed providers, regardless of their access to your facilities' IT systems -- all without losing control of what is visible. Providers can then easily make requests for this time using the Distribute module's lightweight request system that eliminates the back-and-forth phone-and-fax approach without having to change your existing OR scheduling software or workflows.

Surgical Schedule view

Real-Time View for Everyone

The Distribute module pulls availability from your OR schedule via simple-to-implement exports (with no PHI) that the system combines with providers' schedules and preferences to create an easy-to-use, read-only view of availability. This view shows only those time slots they can use. However, your scheduling team is always in control. If they close a room or shift a block the personalized views of your availability is instantly updated for everyone.

Surgical OR Block Time availability alerts

Personalized Availability Alerts

Each provider (or their designee) can also subscribe to alerts that will inform them of new availability as it arises. That way if a block holder is nudged and releases time a second provider can use, that second provider's scheduler can be updated via email or SMS text, making manual waiting lists a thing of the past.

request OR time released from block time

Simple Request System

Once a matching time slot has been identified, a provider's scheduler can create a request using the Distribute module's request system. This system prevents the slow-and-inefficient back-and-forth of phone and fax as it allows schedulers to upload all patient-related files in a HIPAA-compliant fashion. Once created, this request triggers an alert to your facility scheduling team who can then accept it and enter it into your OR scheduling system or reject it. The system handles all follow-up communication and even allows for temporary holds on time if desired.

Separately Installable Component

The Distribute module can be implemented separately, increasing the speed and efficiency with which even community physicians can request time at your OR or it can be combined with either or both of the other modules of the Copient Health platform. When combined with the Reclaim module, all newly identified/collected time becomes available instantly for example. When combined with the Measure and Manage module, you will be able to measure and monitor requests and block utilization in real-time and historically, including the released time. Learn more about the Copient Health platform.